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Please visit the Dallas New Course Charity Tour page.

We have gained approval to install courses in several Dallas city parks after years of persistant effort from many people, but led most consistently by Dirk Snow. The new courses being installed are being designed with an eye toward a combined PDGA World Championships bid when they are finished. They are designed for world championship play so don't expect an easy round.

For TD's interested in having a web page for your event, I can host one on this site for $5.
I would prefer to do it for free, but I need to develop a method for paying for this site.
You can send your information in hardcopy, text, PDF, Word, or WEBpage formats.

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Please help us track the financial impact of tournaments

I am working with Jay Reading to financial impact information for tournaments.
Please keep track of everything you spend while on the road and at the tournament city related to the event.
For locals that includes meals, fuel, and beverages purchased because of the event.
The form is in .pdf and .doc formats. You can either print out the form and mail it in, or
complete it electronically and email it to the address on the form. Thanks for your support.
Click here for Tournament Expense form in MSWord format
Click here for Tournament Expense form in Adobe Acrobat format

Visit the newly formed TX DG links page.

If you have a page you would like listed, send the info to the email below.

I also want to start a mini schedule page.

Please send me information about mini schedules around the state.
I need a contact name and number of the person(s) running the mini, course(s), days and times.
Please send the information to the email below.

I am looking for club listings as well.

If you are part of an active club, let me know and I will get information listed.

Mail me - webmaster@lsdga.com