The 2009 USDGC Texas State Rep Qualifying process

The 2009 Texas State Representative to the United States Disc Golf Championships will be decided by performance in B-Tier and above events in Texas from mid-July 2008 thru mid-July 2009.
Players will be playing for Points, the player with the most points in mid-July 2009 wins.
The points are awarded in the following manner:
  • All qualified players are sorted by score.
  • Winners are awarded the top score (20 points for B-Tiers, 30 Points for above)
  • Each spot below that gets 1 point less.
  • All players receive at least 1 point.
With the dramatic increase in A and B Tier events in Texas for the coming year, next year's race will be interesting.

To qualify a player must:
(1) Be from Texas.
(2) Play in a Men's Professional Division.
(3) Play the same courses and layouts as the Mens Open Division.
(4) Not have been qualified to attend the 2008 USDGC by any other method.
(5) Agree to pay entry fees before August 1, 2008 if they win the spot.


Schule School, 2008BJul 19-20
Cedarville Open, 2008BAug 02-03
Gonzales Open, 2008BAug 23-24
Snow Farm Challenge, 2008BAug 29-31
Mr Jims, 2008BSep 13-14
Outlaw Singles Shootout, 2008BSep 20-21
Lewisville Open, 2008BSep 27-28
Oktoberfest, 2008BOct 04-06
Big Arms On The Brazos, 2008BOct 11-12
Bud Select Corpus Christi Open, 2008AOct 18-19
Veterans Park Open, 2008ANov 1-2
HOTT Final, 2008ANov 08-09
Piney Woods Open, 2008BDec 06-07
Bob Robertson Memorial, 2008BDec 13
Dynamic Discs Winter Warmup, 2009BJan 31
Harmony Hill Huk, 2009BFeb 28
Towne Lake Pro/Am, 2009BMar 1
Wichita Falls Open, 2009BMar 07-08
Victoria Open, 2009BMar 07-08
Crush On The Concho, 2009BMar 14-15
Red Rock Show, 2009BMar 21-22
Hill Country Huck Fest, 2009BMar 28
Texas State Championships, 2009AApr 04-05
Titledisc Open, 2009BApr 26
DiscCrazy Shootout, 2009BMay 02-03
Mothers Day Madness, 2009BMay 09
Capitol of Texas Open, 2009BMay 16-17
Pecan Park Open, 2009BMay 30-31
Wilson Creek Challenge, 2009BMay 30-31
Play It Again Sports Open, 2009BJun 13-14
South Texas Shootout, 2009BJun 20-21
Live Oak Summer Open, 2009BJul 5-6

Standings 25
Top 25
Matt Hall 181333540117
J.D. Ramirez 1985728668215
Brad Williams 3164428569315
Miles Seaborn 2926425797410
Smokin Joe Torres 12196166188510
Michael Olse 1936216019467
Robbie Bratten 2154115420077
Vinnie Miller 5521152202810
Anthony Pugh 28058139215913
Erik Soete 30197139215910
James Mccaine 42061332211110
Brice Longerbone 24460124230128
Jerry Perez 99571212331313
Anthony Daman 17995117237148
Nick Rowton 34180116238157
Ron Silliman 13771113241169
Chris Pepperling 15024111243176
Dixon Jowers 17583111243176
Donald Ellsworth 17407110244196
Glenn Hale 2461952592011

Additional Stats
Note: Places are among Texas pro players only grouped into a single division, not as finished at the event.

More details here.

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